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Wine Gastronomic Itinerary

Land of ancient tastes, perfumes, wines, recipes and scenerio of the famous sumptuosus banquets luculliani. A territory exalted by Romans, great breeders of fish, morays and oysters, that still today after many centuries are the base of the flegrea cuisine whose roots must be sought in the meeting between the refinement of the Greek-oriental kitchen and the simplicity of Roman cuisine.

The itinerary begins from Pozzuoli, considered seaport from time immemorial where it is very charming to assist at the fish market early in the morning, one of the most important market of Italy. The Campi Flegrei are also a land of great wines, whose primitive source is in the soils rich in ashes, lapillus, tufos and so many microelements, which are very important to determine good grapes and wines with unique aromas.

This area was the native land for historical wines of the Falanghina, which takes its name after the system still in use able to foresee supporting piles for grapevines called “phalanxes”, and of the well-known Pere ‘e Palummo, which takes its name after the colour of the grape similar to leg of a dove. Campi Flegrei is the d.o.c area, where red and harmonic wines were born, after months of hard work, months of hard work, which starts in the vineyards many months before the crop, then continuing during the grape harvest, still handmade, in order to choose the best clusters up to the wine cellar, where the selection continues.

We suggest you a DOC Tour, starting from tradition and where wines are the result of a good work, made by skilled persons, to then move to the feet of the acropolis, protected from the myth of the Sibilla and surrounded by rows of white grape.

Wine-growers offer the possibility to taste the products of their vieyard, together with the typical cuisine of the area. From Pozzuoli to Bacoli, in the heart of the Campi Flegrei, behind the monumental park of Baia wine production has enriched thanks to the fertility of the volcanic land and from the proximity of the sea, from which wines of ancient taste were born, and which respect the most ancient traditions. Let’s then suggest a visit to the wine cellars dug in the mountain and the tasting of wines combined to local typical products, preserving their ancient tastes. Local firms allow, besides the usual tastings offered to all guests, also theme tastings, linked to ancient country parties, such as the celebration of the Vendemmia (Grape Harvest), where it is possible to taste must with moustard biscuits, besides observing the grape harvest and their transformation in wine cellars.

Last stop of the DOC Tour is at piana di Quarto, mythical land of cyclopses, also part of the DOC countries of Campi Flegrei, and where the production of the Falanghina doc and that one of the Piedirosso are very famous, since they show the possibility to produce wines of good concentration and middle aging.

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