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Piazza Tasso

Surely Piazza Tasso is the meeting point of the Sorrentines, with beautiful bars and restaurants that offer excellent ideas for any time of day: for a breakfast, an aperitif or a simple coffee, all surrounded by the charm and tranquility that this magical place offers.

At the beginning it had the name of Largo del Castello and was born during the nineteenth century, originally, where the statue of St. Antonino stands today, there was a castle dating back to the time of Ferdinand of Aragon which was demolished in 1843.

The square is overlooked by splendid historic buildings, such as Palazzo Correale, rebuilt in 1768, which has a beautiful tiled courtyard, the Baroque Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, preceded by a graceful portico and the terrace, located on the north side, is able to admire the gorge crossed by the road to Marina Piccola and an extraordinary view with the sea in the background.

Piazza Tasso has several statues among which the main one is that of Torquato Tasso, the Renaissance poet to whom the square is named. In the center, however, stands the statue of Sant’Antonino, the patron saint of Sorrento, who took refuge here at the time of the Lombard invasions.

Piazza Tasso represents the access point to the historic center of Sorrento and its characteristic streets.

The square as we see it today in Sorrento is the result of numerous changes that have taken place over the centuries.


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