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Christmas in Sorrento

Christmas Holidays in a Hotel in Sorrento: a Fairytale!

The idea of spending Christmas in a hotel in Sorrento is both original and romantic, and in the same way the idea of spending...

The Particular Charm of Christmas Shopping in Sorrento

Buying a Christmas present in Sorrento provokes strong emotions thanks to the suggestive, welcoming and joyous atmosphere and the glittering shop windows. There are...

New Year in Sorrento, Characterized by Tradition

In Sorrento, New Year’s arrival is celebrated with fireworks and toasts of good wishes. Many are the hotels and the restaurants in Sorrento that...

Many Enjoyable Recipes for Christmas in Sorrento

From the “maccarune ncasciati” to the “roccocò”, a journey of gastronomic discovery for Christmas on the Sorrento coast. Each Italian region has its own tradition,...

Christmans means also ‘Tombola’ and other Games

Christmas is also the time in which we look to the past with regard to games. We put aside those devilish devices of video...

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