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The Particular Charm of Christmas Shopping in Sorrento

Buying a Christmas present in Sorrento provokes strong emotions thanks to the suggestive, welcoming and joyous atmosphere and the glittering shop windows. There are many ideas to be taken into consideration for Christmas purchases in Sorrento.

The shops in Sorrento are definitely tempting throughout the year, but during the Christmas holidays they assume an even more particular charm.

Glittering lights, colourful shop windows, warm and inviting, make Christmas shopping in Sorrento emotional.

Stores, shops and restaurants are adorned with beautiful decorations, Christmas trees and stars of every kind.

Here and there appear some “real” Father Christmases who greet the children and hand out cakes and sweets.

There is an air of festivity and joy thanks to the many demonstrations and events which make a Christmas holiday in Sorrento, or even a day trip to Sorrento during the Christmas period, even more joyful.

In short, the invitation to purchase Christmas presents in Sorrento, is irresistible not only due to the atmosphere in the town but also to the many offers which are particularly interesting and convenient.

 So, the magic of Christmas purchases in Sorrento, has a particular appeal to everyone.

In this sense the range of choices is particularly wide.

Along Corso Italia (the main street) in Sorrento, for example, many magnificent clothes shops are to be found, but the offers in the shops in Sorrento are particularly varied, as may be witnessed in Piazza Lauro or along any of the streets in the old town in Sorrento (via san Cesareo, via Tasso, Via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani, Via San Nicola, etc) or even along Via degli Aranci.

There are also many ideas to be taken into consideration by the tourists who may wish to take the opportunity of buying a small or even important gift as a souvenir of Sorrento. They may choose from among the many items in inlaid wood (hand made by Sorrento craftsmen) , a bottle of limoncello (lemon liqueur), a ceramic object or a more traditional Christmas present.

In the directory on our site, there are many ideas to be found for Christmas shopping by simply choosing the category that one is most interested in.

 Fabrizio Guastafierro

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