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Connections to and from Naples Airport

A flight alone is not sufficient to reach Sorrento. Before arriving at Naples airport, therefore, those wishing to continue their journey to Sorrento, the sorrentine peninsula or the amalfi coast need to consider using at least one other means of transport.

In the wide range of choices there are differences in cost, journey time, comfort, security and convenience for eventual transfers. For this reason, before deciding on which method of transport to use, it would be wise to consider which aspects are preferable.

In the range of possibilities to be taken into consideration one may choose from:
– arrival in Sorrento by bus;
– arrival in Sorrento by taxi, hire car, chauffeur driven car;
– arrival in Sorrento by train;
– arrival in Sorrento by sea: ferry or hydrofoil;
– arrival in Sorrento by helicopter;

The following summarised table is intended to cover a wide range, taking into consideration the costs, speed (journey time), comfort provided and convenience for eventual transfers, the indispensability of using alternative means of transport and security. As to security, we feel it appropriate to clarify that “security” does not refer to either the structural aspects or the capacity of the vehicles to avoid accidents. Taking into consideration that many people may be (often inconveniently) worried about the possibility of micro-delinquent phenomena (bag-snatching, mugging etc.), this opportunity is taken for providing some relevant data.

Buses Cars to rent Trains By sea Helicopter
Costs Reasonable High Low Medium Very High
Speed Medium Reasonable Medium High Very Low
Comfort Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Handiness for further movements High High High Medium Medium
Security High High Medium High High
Compulsory connection to other means of transportation No No Yes Yes Yes

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