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Ischia and Procida

Since Roman times Ischia has been famous all over the world for its thermal waters and mud, produced by the seismic phenomena linked to its volcanic origins. The Romans built baths here and regarded it as a place for cure and rest. This real health resort has also become a famous seaside and holiday resort, offering visitors all the charm of marvellous marinas, breathtaking views and wonderful gardens. The intense scent of vineyards, citrus groves and pine trees blends with that of sea salt and spreads through the air, while the Green Island seduces people with the consuming beauty of its creeks, suspended between the emerald intensity of abundant vegetation and the deep blue that only the Tyrrhenian Sea is able to produce. Praised by poets and celebrated by painters, the island inescapably bewitches visitors with its unforgettable colours and the sweet promise (always kept) of eternal spring.

While Capri is the VIP island and Ischia is a health resort, Procida has a genuine and reserved beauty all of its own. This small, introverted and wild treasure surrounded by the dear waters of the Bay is the least showy of the Neapolitan isles. It is a peaceful isle where the green vines and gardens stretch out towards the blue sea and sky. Daily life is slow and laid back and time seems to stand still. It is extremely pleasurable just to stop on the jetty of its characteristic port, visit its churches or go for a stroll past viewpoints and gardens. Its old town is a pleasure to visit, where the fishermen’s houses, with their colourful pastel walls, stand one on top of the other, opening out here and there in order to make room for stairs, arches, alleys and little squares. The town is overlooked by the vigilant and sullen gaze of the old 15th- century Aragonese Castle, which dominates the small isle beneath with its imposing mass.

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