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Useful info to plane a holiday in Italy

Sorrento, situated in a strategic way between the Gulf of Naples on the north and the one of Salerno on the south, it’s one of the most famous tourist attractions of Campania. The city, from which the area from Vico Equense to Massa Lubrense takes the name, is on a tuff side 50 metres high on the sea. It’s inhabited by 17.500 people and it has an extension of 9,9 squared km.

Entrance in Italy – Reaching Sorrento

To enter in Italy, and visit the suggestive city of Sorrento, it’s necessary to show, at the frontier checking, a valid identification document, not expiring in the six following months of the arrival.

In the 13 member countries of the European Union (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and Finland), and in Iceland and Norway it’s not necessary to show a document when you enter one of the countries above.

For those who come from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and United States, for a stay in Italy not over 90 days, it’s not necessary to have a tourist visa.


In Italy the forces that take care of public order are the State Police and Carabinieri. The other groups that collaborate with these two institutional bodies are: the Finance Guard (Guardia di Finanza), that takes care of tax evasions and financial crimes, the State Forestry Department and Firemen, that provide to protect the environment, and the Traffic Police (Vigili Urbani).

In emergency situations and/or need you can dial the free number active 24/7:

– 113 (State Police)
– 112 (Carabinieri)
– 115 (Firemen)
– 1515 (State Forestry Department)
– 1530 (Sea Emergencies)


In Italy the medical assistance it’s guaranteed to the tourists. When you are in need you can call an ambulance at the free number 118. In Sorrento there’s an Hospital “Santa Maria della Misericordia” with an Emergency Department open 24/7 (Corso Italia – Sorrento – tel. 0815331112) and many Chemists’ shops.


The Italian currency is the Euro. In Sorrento there are Banks, Post Offices and private offices, open from Monday to Saturday, to exchange money. There are also several ATM machines. Most of the commercial activities accept credit card payments.


Sorrento, because of its geographical position, has a mild climate all year long.

Embassies and Consulates

All the information about cultural initiatives, bureaucratic procedures, specific necessities are available, in Italy, in Embassies and Consulates

( In Rome, the Italian capital, there are nearly 200 embassies.

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