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Sorrento Peninsula free from Covid-19 by May 2021

The target is 75% vaccinated among inhabitants and workers of the tourism sector of the Sorrento peninsula by May 2021

The Mayors of the Sorrentine Peninsula, in collaboration with trade associations, the business world and the organization of general practitioners united to make the Sorrentine Peninsula free from Covid-19 by the end of May this year.

Despite the effort to collaborate and finance local businesses, it is clear that the 2021 tourist season can only be saved in the presence of a Territorial Vaccination Plan that intervenes with due urgency and speed even before the tourist season takes hold.
Three vaccination centers are currently operating: in Vico Equense at De Luca and Rossano hospital, in Massa Lubrense at Villa Cerulli and in Piano di Sorrento at Villa Fondi.

The collective initiative intends to set up a new vaccination point in Sorrento in order to rapidly vaccinate the entire peninsular population and also the workers residing in the neighboring municipalities.

With the current timing, the vaccination points already operational in the area are able to administer about 200 vaccines for day. The new vaccination point, on the other hand, will be able to inject about 350/400 vaccinations for day.

By the end of May, thanks to an implementation story, the vaccination of the entire population is expected.

The plan thus articulated would allow 75% of the resident population to be vaccinated by May, net of vaccinations already carried out, as well as workers in the sectors concerned not resident in the Sorrento Peninsula.


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