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Naples Airport: Quality First

Gesac are committed to maintaining high standards of service, as much in the general management of the airport as in the provision of security systems.

 Management system certified according to Iso 9001/2000.

In displaying the service charter 2006 – 2007, the management of Naples airport have justly emphasised their constant and continual efforts to improve the quality of the infrastructure and the services available therein.

Gesac – the company which manages Naples Capodichino airport – specify that excellence in the quality of services is their main priority.

For this reason, the possibility of operating to a Systems Management Certificate according to regulation: Iso 9001:2000, is positively valued as it reflects the constantly progressive improvements in the quality of service.

In aiming to achieve levels of maximum excellence in the activities linked to the management of Naples airport, Gesac have defined, furthermore, a precise commitment not only to guarantee personal security within the airport but also the constant improvement of the quality of services and not least the protection of the environment.

Not by chance, much effort is dedicated to guaranteeing the maximum standards possible in terms of security and all airport procedures.

The system is constantly monitored by interviewing a statistically significant sample of customers on a daily basis.

 The charter of passengers’ rights

Gesac – the company which manages the services at Naples airport, also known as Capodichino airport – has for some time directed processes which point decisively to the improvement of the quality of the services offered to customers and to guarantee passengers’ rights.

In this sense therefore, the management of Naples airport place not only the customer services (where one may lodge observations, complaints and suggestions as well as obtain information) but also the E.N.A.C. desks at the disposal of interested parties to guarantee the rights due to every passenger and to ensure the correct information on services provided within the airport.

The availability of the Charter For Passengers’ Rights from the E.N.A.C. offices is testimony to the fact that Gesac is constantly committed not only to improving the qualitative standards of Naples airport but also in resolving any eventual problems regarding air travel.

This charter is an approve document for the protection of travellers.

In fact, circumstances for which indemnity or compensation are provided for, are stated in the Charter For Passengers’ Rights.

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