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A walk in Sorrento

Piazza Tasso
The starting point can only be the central square of Sorrento, named in honor of the poet Torquato Tasso who was born here. In a corner of the square there is a statue dedicated to him and inaugurated in 1870. At the center of the square is, instead, the statue of the patron saint of Sorrento, Sant’Antonino.
Leaning behind the Piazza you will notice the remains of the Vallone dei Mulini, on the bottom you can also see the ruins of the mills that were operated with the water of the rivulet.
The Vallone, unfortunately, can not be visited.

Via della Pietà
From Piazza Tasso, instead of taking Corso Italia turn behind the statue of Torquato Tasso and continue along Via della Pietà. The walk is pleasant because it is one of the few streets always in the shadows, which connects Piazza Tasso to the main entrance of the Cathedral.
The road is the most significant of the ancient urban streets, for the remarkable architectural works present: Palazzo Veniero, Palazzo Correale and the Loggia di vico Galantario.

Corso Italia
At the end of Via della Pietà you will find yourself in front of the Cathedral of Sorrento, a Baroque style building, where you can admire a nativity scene from the 1700s. From here you can continue for your walk along Corso Italia, the shopping street. Continuing on the course is Villa Fiorentino headquarters of the Sorrento Foundation where exhibitions are often organized. In recent years he has hosted the works of Dalì, Picasso and Pomodoro.

The alleys of the historic center
At the end of Corso Italia turn right and then right again to take Via San Cesareo, one of the most characteristic streets of Sorrento, full of small craft shops. Walking along this road it is impossible not to notice Sedil Dominova. You will immediately recognize it from the large frescoed dome. At Christmas here the traditional Neapolitan nativity scene is set up.
From here go down via Reginaldo Giuliani until you find a source at the Villa Comunale.

The Villa and the Cloister of San Francesco
The Villa Comunale is a large terrace overlooking the Gulf panorama. Under the tufaceous ridge you can see the seaside resorts of Marina Piccola and further the port. From the Villa there is also the lift to the port of Sorrento. Next to the municipal villa there is the cloister of 1300, a small medieval gem very popular for weddings. On the upper floors you will often find art and photo exhibitions. From here you can continue your walk, stretching to Marina Grande.

Marina Grande
After leaving the cloister, continue along the Tramontano Hotel until you reach Piazza della Vittoria, another vantage point. From here follow the road that descends to Marina Grande passing under the ancient gateway to the city. Marina Grande is the fishing village of Sorrento and a privileged place for a lunch or dinner by the sea. From here you can also return to the city center by bus.


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