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Mediterranean Lifestyle Experiences

Restart Boat Sorrento is a professional and innovative company operating inside the business of travels and leisure with the aim to deliver to customers and clients the best experience at sea, on board of the vessels of their fleet.

The fleet

The range of boats and yachts vary from the typical Sorrentine Gozzo (different sizes and types available) to the most modern and luxurious yacht (from 15meters up to 24 meters) mostly operating in the Mediterranean Sea, between Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast for daily tours and excursion, as well in Sicily, Sardinia, Greece and along all the most beautiful coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea for mini cruises or longer trips.


Sailing on board of one of the vessels of the Restartboat fleet is not just a journey but a real lifestyle experience that the guest will remember for the entire life, due to the beauties of the places visited and the special care that any guest deserves!

The best tour

One of the top tours, mostly required by honeymooners and jetsetter is the Capri by Night tour.

Some of the most magical moments to be lived on the isle of Capri are from the sunset to the sunrise.

When the sun goes down in Capri the atmosphere radically changes.

The narrow roads crowded of tourist during the day become a calmer ad quieter destination for luxury shopping addicted and local and resident tourist starts to populate the “Piazzetta” the main square of the isle.

Departing from Sorrento or from the Amalfi Coast, during the relaxing and romantic navigation on the way to Capri, it is possible to admire the beauty of the coastline with the first lights of the night highlighting the houses and the small towns on the coast.

After a nice dinner in a chic restaurant the locals and the resident tourists use to indulge for a little around the “P”iazzetta before going to the various night clubs and discos.

The Most famous one is “Anema e Core” where Mr. Guido Lembo, the emperor of the nightlife entertains the guests with his Neapolitan live music.

When the night is coming to the end, the skipper will be waiting the guests at the port with a typical Italian breakfast with coffee and croissants to enjoy on the way back to the hotel.


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