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How to Get to Sorrento

Sorrento has a strategic position which allows it to be easily reached either by car, train, bus, or by sea.


Travelling by car for approximately 50kms (approx. 31 miles), driving along the motorway A 2 Rome-Naples for those who come from the north, or the A 16 Bari-Naples for those who come from the south, you get onto the A 3 Highway exiting at Castellammare of Stabia, you arrive to the SS Sorrentine 145 (For locals known as “La Sorrentina”- that travelling alongside the sea – permits you to reach Sorrento.

The SS 145 Highway offers an extraordinary spectacle, and as you pass by the towns of Seiano, Meta, Piano of Sorrento and Saint Agnello, you can admire on the right, the sea that gently wets the coast, the beaches and the small fisherman piers; and on the left, the white rocks that – between Seiano and Meta – capture and reflect the rays of the sun transforming them into enchanting shades. Rental Car companies are available at the Naples Airport and some other areas of Naples. In Italy, cars are, in their majority, with manual gears and they drive on the left. Please note that toll-fees are to be paid when moving around the extra-urban areas, joining freeways and highways. Keep smaller change available.


The Naples Main Train Station (Stazione Napoli Centrale) is located at Piazza Garibaldi well served by the metro lines and with the public bus service. The Federal Railway System (Ferrovia dello Stato) offers a wide range of trains to Sorrento on a daily basis, every 30 minutes more or less from 6:00am to 11:00pm. Trains are quite basic and tickets are available for purchasing at the train station booths or automated machines distributed along the station. You will be travelling on the Circumvesuviana Transportation System that involves all the towns that circle the Vesuvius area and Sorrentine Peninsula. Your trip to Sorrento will range 45min to 1hour and 15 min depending on what type of train you take. There are trains that are called “diretto” and “direttissimo”, this one with less stops than the diretto one. The trains stops at a large amount of smaller stations, however take advantage to enjoy the views of the Vesuvius and the coastline. You will disembark on the final station. Please keep in mind that train station signs in Italy are blue written in white.

 Tickets: if you are travelling to Sorrento for a stay here, you may purchase the regular ticket for a few euros. Should you come to Sorrento for the day, suggests you to purchase the Biglieto Unico Giornaliero Fascia 5 meaning that you will buy one ticket (around 7 Euros) that is valid up to 11:59pm of that day. This saves you time and money as this ticket is valid for the train rides as well as bus and metro system.


The nearest airport to Sorrento, only 50 km(approx.31 miles) far, is Naples Airport – Capodicchino(NAP): People who arrive in Naples by plane have the possibility of using the daily bus connections, effected by the Curreri bus service to reach Sorrento. Every day, in fact, six daily trips are available connecting the airport and Sorrento. The bus is just outside the Arrival gates.

Taxis are also available from the airport to take you anywhere in the area and also Sorrento. The Naples town Hall has published the correct fares that may apply to the different taxi routes. Please make sure you check with the taxi driver before you leave. The fares are published available with the taxi driver. Fees for luggage and tools can be added as well. Also, a quick taxi ride to Molo Beverello will bring you to the hydrofoil station and that can be another option. From the airport, you can also take a taxi or bus to the train station and then catch the train to Sorrento.

 This last option should be kept as a last resource as it is quite tiring specially if you are caring luggage. Further details regarding the hydrofoils are explained further below. The Naples Airport is also equipped with a useful web site regarding transportation to-from there. Should you arrive in Rome, the Rome Airport has bus services twice a day that are offered to Sorrento (approximately a 4-hour trip). The bus departs from Roma Tiburtina train station (meaning you must move from the airport to the train station). This service is not available on weekends. We suggest you to fly directly to Naples as it is much easier and convenient to reach Sorrento.


The Molo Beverello (Beverello Pier) is located adjacent to the Maritime Station at the Port of Naples in front of the Town Hall Square (Piazza Municipio). The Pier offers daily services to Sorrento with ferries. The trip takes approximately 45-50 minutes. The journey is a lot more comfortable than the train one, however it can be much more expensive (about double). During the High Season (may-oct), services are much more frequent and the Metro Del Mare is a system that connects Naples to Sorrento by sea (with a few extra stops) but at a lower cost.

The arrival of ferries in Sorrento is the Marina Piccola (Small Marina) and you may reach the city of Sorrento by taking the local bus to the city center(top of the hill) or a taxi. If you are a cruise ship passenger, you can use the tenders provided by the vessels to reach the Marina Piccola. From there, you may use the local bus or taxis to reach the city center. Many of the cruise ships do offer complimentary shuttle services between the pier and the city center. Please check with your onboard personnel if they offer this shuttle service. Tip: Please keep smaller change in different pockets of your clothing. Your larger amount of money should be kept with you on a safe place together with your passport. is not responsible for any changes to the visited venues

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