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Correale di Terranova Museum

The Correale di Terranova Museum constitutes on a “live” testimony of Sorrento International Culture of the late centuries. Alfredo and Pompeo Correale, Terranova Counts, art lovers, donated to Sorrento the splendid building from the 1700’s surrounded by a citrus garden with ocean view terrace area and all their collection, in order to open a museum to the public.

The museum is divided in 3 floors, 24 rooms and will give you the sensation of heading back in time, immersed on a noble old home where you breath art and culture. Paintings, Neapolitan and Foreign Art collections from 16th and 19th centuries, refined fans, Glass, Clocks and a prestigious collection of porcelain from the 18th century are ready and carefully displayed. They are essential part of what involves the background of this splendid monumental architectural building and also a great window to the perspective of the Sorrentine Coast.

The interior is articulated by sections and using a chronological criteria. You will stroll from the sumptuous Baroque Art to the elegant and light art of the ‘700’s.

The ground floor accommodates two important collections related to the Sorrentine peninsula: artefacts from extraordinary manufacturing, made by masters of the Sorrentine inlaid wood work and an entire archaeological section, with pieces of the Greek and roman times found on the ancient San Renato Cathedral. On the same floor still, you may admire a room dedicated to poet Tasso and some of his precious pieces and his funerary mask.

The first floor hosts 18th century furniture and paintings, china and an full section with Flemish paintings – Rubens, Van Kassel and Grimmer.

Second floor is highlighted by the Still Life paintings from 1800’s and 1900’s and also landscape paintings from “Scuola del Posilipo” masters, a movement of painters from the 19th century. that would exclusively paint landscapes. An unique stop on this floor is the room with Italian and European clocks from the 18th century. This is really like “traveling in time”.

Last but not least, third floor: entirely dedicated to italian and foreign porcelain and maiolica – rare examples from great artists from pretty much everywhere around the globe. Colors and Styles work in synergy: French porcelain from Marseilles, blue & white china, German and English examples a glimpse to the eyes is the Capodimonte porcelain, masterpiece of dazzling beauty to contemplate for ours. suggestion: This is a must see – do not miss the opportunity to see this outstanding collection from these two passionate Counts of Terranova that donated their most precious jewels to Art and to our Sorrentine History and traditions.


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